Monday, November 23, 2015

Resurrecting Nixon

Shorter Ross Douthat yesterday: Richard Nixon had his flaws but he was actually a lot better than the haters portray him.  And all his flaws are encapsulated in Hillary Clinton.


One bark on “Resurrecting Nixon

  1. He was also equivalent to, if not better than, the entire GOP field for the last few pResidential elections. And he did things that no Teahadi interested in preserving his/her political career would dream of suggesting now – including the Clean Air Act, ending the Vietnam war, the SALT and ABM treaties, opening China (with minimal if any preconditions) and the EPA. Doubt-that may be interested in rehabilitating the man – but very little of Nixon’s policy achievements will be well received by the party he once represented. If anything, the GOTea has learned from Nixon only that getting caught breaking the law is a greater sin than the breaking of the law in the first place.

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