Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Fix Is In

Jeb Bush trotted out a new slogan for his campaign that rapidly went viral in social media, but probably not in the way he intended.

In comes: “Jeb Can Fix It.”

On Monday morning, Bush delivered what was widely described as a “reset” speech—”Our story is about action, doing, not just talking” he said—and he debuted the new “Jeb Can Fix It” motto. By Monday afternoon, #JebCanFixIt had gone viral, becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter. But not necessarily in the way the campaign wanted. Here is a smattering of some of Twitter’s best on the subject.

Jeb Can Fix It 1 11-3-15Jeb Can Fix It 2 11-3-15Jeb Can Fix It 3 11-3-15

One bark on “The Fix Is In

  1. There was a wonderful catch here: HEB! borrowed the slogan from a Jimmy Savile kids’ show. So many levels of ick.

    Apologies for the Gawker link but the scoop is here.

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