Friday, November 6, 2015

Twelve Years

This Sunday marks the twelfth anniversary of the start of this blog.  Since very few people stop by here on Sundays, I thought I’d take a moment while I have your attention to note the occasion.

A lot has happened since that first post, but I still look forward every day to taking note of the big and little things that are going on in our crazy world.  As I’ve said on every other anniversary, I couldn’t do this — and I wouldn’t — if I didn’t think I was at least giving you something to think about, to laugh about, to remember, or even take action.

So, thank you.  What’s next?

8 barks and woofs on “Twelve Years

  1. A dozen roses to celebrate. I forget when I boarded the train, but it’s been many years that you’ve been my first read of the day. Thank you for putting in the effort to write with just the right balance of levity and seriousness and relevance.

  2. Congratulations from me too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I feel better informed with a chuckle or two along the way.

  3. Congratulations! I have been enjoying your blog for a bunch of years and it is a rare day that I miss login in. I find it informative, funny and covering just the right issues.

  4. First blogger I go to. You are a one man blogger
    who outdoes many blogs with multiple contributors.

    Always a better day with a bark and a few woofs.

    Happy anniversary,

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