Monday, December 28, 2015

Betwixt and Between

I’m packing up and checking out of the hotel here in suburban Cincinnati.  I’ll spend today with my parents and then head for the airport and home this afternoon.

This is the week between the big holidays and not a lot gets done other than cleaning up and summing up.  If you are working — and a lot of people do have to work this week — it feels like you’re going through the motions unless you’re in a profession such as police or emergency care when there’s no such thing as down time.  But even if you have time off, you will find things to do to fill up the days.  Some of you may actually look forward to getting through the holidays and getting back into the routine of work.

When I got here the weather was in the 60’s, but now it’s back to normal Ohio-in-December: 30’s and steel grey skies and raw.  I remember why I moved to Florida.

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