Saturday, December 19, 2015

But Spare Freedonia

Trump voters will go to any length to keep us safe.

Call it a magic carpet-bombing ride.

A new poll asked voters if they would support bombing Agrabah — the fictional city from the Disney classic “Aladdin.”

And 41% of Donald Trump supporters responded with a resounding yes!

Public Policy Polling conducted the automated national survey of presidential primary voters — and slipped in the question among more serious ones.

More than 500 people were asked the question Wednesday and Thursday, just days after the Republican candidates for the White House held their fifth nationally televised debate that focused on national security and terrorism.

Of those surveyed, 30% of Republicans supported the bombing of “the city of mystery and enchantment,” while 13% were opposed. Some 57% were not sure, the poll found.

As for Democrats, 19% of them supported the “bombing” and 36% were opposed and 45% were not sure.

The polling organization usually includes fun questions by soliciting ideas from users on social media, according to Justin Mayhew, a communications specialist for PPP.

“We made the question intentionally vague,” Mayhew said Friday. “We wanted to see how far this would go.”

I can’t wait to see how they feel about invading Tomania.

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  1. The answers to the question reflect a sorely inept educational system that does not teach what goes on outside our borders nor does it teach about other cultures who are different from us but just as exceptional. The result is that we cannoteven recognize a name from one of the most known children stories in the entire world.

    • As long as public schools allow curriculum that consider “intelligent design” to be an alternative theory and as long as “Christian” parents freak out about a class in comparative religion that teaches how to write “peace” in Arabic, we will have this kind of mindset.

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