Friday, December 11, 2015

Close Call

If I had left my house five seconds earlier this morning, I would have been the guy that got T-boned by a large van at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and SW 152nd Street in Miami. Instead, it was a white Honda. I stopped to call 9-1-1, got the intersection wrong in my initial rush, and by the time I had clarified the address, they said that they’d already gotten the call.

I’m sure there’s someone who will tell me that God saved me from the accident, but that means that the Sky Faerie had it in for the guy in the Honda.

I hope everyone’s okay.

One bark on “Close Call

  1. Fate does sometimes take a hand. Once, years ago, I was a little late getting out of work and consequently missed an el train that I would otherwise have been on. When I did get to the platform, trains were delayed, and delayed, and we finally had to cross over and catch a train that was brought in and shunted to the other track. It turns out that the train I missed derailed on a turn. I remember being horrified for those who were killed — remember, this was an elevated train, and couple of cars wound up in the street below — but glad I’d missed my train.

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