Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due

According to Steve Benen, Marco Rubio has a habit of taking credit for things he didn’t do.

When Marco Rubio recently spoke to the Jewish Republican Coalition’s presidential forum, he joined all of his GOP rivals in saying nice things about Israel. But the Florida Republican went a little further than most, making a specific claim about his state legislative record. The Tampa Bay Times took a closer look.

“As Speaker of the Florida House,” he said, “I pioneered what became a national effort by requiring the Florida pension program to divest from companies linked to Iran’s terrorist regime.”

It was groundbreaking, but Rubio had nothing to do with creation of the legislation.

There was, in fact, a divestment bill that passed Florida’s legislature, but it was written by a Democrat before passing unanimously. Rubio, as the Republican leader in the House, allowed the bill to come to the floor, but he didn’t “pioneer” the policy. He doesn’t appear to have had anything to do with its creation at all.

There’s a lot of other things that Mr. Rubio claims credit for or says that don’t bear up under scrutiny.  Now you can brush them off as just the typical exaggerations of a politician running for office (even though he has little interest in actually doing the job he’s presently holding), or you can just accept the fact that he’s like that as a person and lying comes naturally to him.

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