Wednesday, December 23, 2015

First They Came For The Yogis

If you thought Islam was evil, get a load of this dude who wants to wipe out the insidious evil influence that lurks in every upscale mall disguised as a “yoga facility.”

Extremist right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat dedicated his most recent video to railing against the evils of Hinduism, declaring that if he was a dictator, he would invade India, destroy all Hindu temples and force everyone to convert to Christianity.

After complaining, without a hint of irony, that he regularly gets compared to ISIS for his beliefs, Shoebat proclaimed that he would not hesitate to invade India and force all Hindus to convert to Christianity while also outlawing the practice of yoga in America.

“You need to Christianize the land,” he stated. “We need to destroy these false religions, end of story. Hinduism is an evil, demonic, anti-Christ religion. It needs to be uprooted from the earth and it has no place in the world.”

“Yoga? Outlawed,” Shoebat continued. “And anyone who teaches yoga? Punished by the state … I think the U.S. government needs to crack down on this evil, demonic thing called yoga … You’re teaching yoga, have the SWAT team bust open the doors to that place and just arrest everybody.”


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  1. What form of Christianity does he embrace? Like ISIL he’d clean out the heresies as well? How is he different from the “purists” in Islam who chop off heads? Wait for the Inquisition . . .

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