Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Apology

Donald Trump is demanding an apology for Hillary Clinton saying that his words have been recruiting people for ISIS.  Here is her apology as envisioned by Balloon Juice commenter Schlemazel:

I am truly and deeply sorry that a pathetic excuse for an American like Donald Trump is encouraged to say horrible, awful things about people of faith simply to get votes. Additionally I am sorry that these foolish statements play exactly into the hands of the people he claims to be against. It saddens me because I know America is better than this and capable of much better than Mr. Trump’s ugly vision for the future. It is beyond doubt that his hateful words, words that support the Daesh-stated mission, can so easily be used to prove their point. I am deeply sorry for all of that.

Works for me.

2 barks and woofs on “Hillary Clinton’s Apology

  1. sorry I had to run to work before I could reply but glad to see you used it! I do not think it would help to get down in the mud with that pig. I also don’t think you can ignore the pig because that will just encourage it. I believe the way you beat him in the general is to always show that you are the mature, reliable, responsible person; against the mad-dog bomb thrower that shouldn’t be hard. If that does not beat him than we as a nation deserve what comes next.

    • You’re absolutely right. Bullies have to be dealt with. Whether it’s with laughter (i.e. Mel Brooks), scorn, or even a well-timed a punch in the nose, they cannot be ignored. They are all cowards anyway, and their defiance is just a cover for their timidity. And people who support them are sycophants who can’t stand up for themselves, either.

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