Wednesday, December 16, 2015

No Debate Here

I did not watch the Republicans debate last night; I was at a play rehearsal, which was far more relevant to the sanity quotient of my life than watching a bunch of egomaniacs try to see who could be the one who can scare the crap out of America.  Talking Points Memo has a good wrap-up:

Certainly the first half of the debate was roiled by repeated invocations of fear, the celebration of fear, the demand that people feel and react to their fear. This was logically joined to hyperbolic and ridiculous claims about ISIS as a group that might not simply attack America or kill Americans but might actually destroy the United States or even our entire civilization.

What did you think?

4 barks and woofs on “No Debate Here

  1. I’ve honestly got to say it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, absolutely detached from reality. It’s a political debate, so you expect some of that. But really: shoot down Russian aircraft? Invade with a Gulf War-size Army (500,000 troops)? Carpet bombing? I don’t mean to be callous, but the terrorist act that inspired this massing of force killed 14 people and had no real connection to the war these guys want to fight. The Republican Party as it is currently constructed is not a serious governing party. It’s just not.

  2. Of course I didn’t watch it nor have I watched the previous debates nor will I watch the next ones. Nothing gets done or decided in these made for teevee club fights. What’s more I have a first-time disagreement with Frank Bruni who writes an op-ed today bemoaning the “embarrassment” of the Democrats holding so few debates saying they’re not getting the publicity they need in the coming year, particularly since their debates have been scheduled at low audience viewing times, like a Saturday night. It’s as though the Democrats feel too superior to show themselves to the public or offer their own ideas as counterweight to the Republican’s lack of serious proposals. No, Frank – the viewing public will be so sick of the noise from these debates it may actually drive them away from the polls next November.

    • You may be right about debate fatigue, and that may be why the Democrats are leery of doing too many of them. Audience burnout.

      But a question was whether ISIS represents a threat to the US or even all of Western civilization. Bullshit. They don’t have the resources. There’s the Atlantic Ocean between us and them, and they have no way to cross it. Individuals, maybe, can sneak through with fake passports, but armies? No.

      Which brings us to terrorism, however. More an issue in Europe, as with the Paris attacks, than here, as Europe is closer to the Middle East. But even here we’ve been attacked, like in San Bernardino, by people who appear to have no connection to ISIS, but were radicalized on their own by Islamist propaganda.

      There’s nothing we can do about that. We just have to be tough, and endure. There will be more attacks, and we must accept that. Oh the security services will do the best they can, but they can’t catch everybody. So we must be strong, and I mean morally and ethically strong. Like the signs in London during the Blitz: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” This is what we must do. We must not turn on those who are innocent but just look like the guilty. How ironic that Donald Trump talks about strength and toughness, but sets forth proposals of weakness and fear. We must do better.

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