Friday, January 15, 2016

Bigotry Isn’t Cheap

If the state of Tennessee follows through with passing an anti-gay marriage bill, it won’t be cheap.  Via Towleroad:

A Tennessee House committee is set to consider an anti-gay marriage bill next week that could cost the state $8 billion annually if it becomes law.

As we mentioned last week, GOP state Rep. Mark Pody believes God told him to introduce the “Natural Marriage Defense Act,” because same-sex marriage is “wicked.”

For the good of the “public welfare,” Pody’s HB 1412 would declare the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges — which it compares to previous rulings upholding the constitutionality of forced sterilization and Japanese internment — “unauthoritative, void, and of no effect.” The Senate version of the bill, SB1437, was introduced by anti-gay GOP Sen. Mae Beavers, a Donald Trump supporter who incidentally agrees with his plan to stop all Muslims from entering the US.

Last week, in the fiscal note attached to HB 1412 and SB 1437, legislative analysts determined that if the bill were to somehow become law, the state could lose $6.5 billion in Medicaid funds, and $2 billion for food stamps and welfare, because the respective state programs would be out of compliance with federal law. Tennessee is already facing a $2.3 million tab for its legal fight against same-sex marriage.

The Tennessee House Civil Justice Subcommittee is set to consider Pody’s bill on Jan. 20. Pody told The Tennessean he plans to work with legislative fiscal analysts on reducing the cost of the bill, but plans to continue pursuing the legislation.

You have to have an unhealthy obsession with the private lives of other people if you think it’s worth giving up $8 billion.  I really think this should make the people of Tennessee seriously reconsider who it is that they elect to represent them.

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  1. Apparently “ooverty is blessed” if you’re turning away Those People’s money (and, according to the Prosperity Gospel gurus, never at any other time).

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