Friday, January 22, 2016

Someone Else’s Fault

Josh Marshall has a thoughtful post on PTSD and the response by certain people to it.

…when someone gets drunk, beats up a girlfriend and starts brandishing a firearm with threats all around, our default assumption should be that they’ve committed a very serious crime – not that they’re a victim in need of support. It may turn out to be a mix of the two. It can be. But doing the opposite is no less a sick parody than those liberal caricatures we think of seeing a brutal gang homicide and having their first thought be how the killer’s childhood poverty (whether they even actually grew up poor or not) gave them no chance at life. Palin’s attitude seems to be that beating the crap out of his girlfriend almost amounts to an extension of Track’s military service for which we should all be proud and thank him. And this doesn’t get into her almost comically hideous decision to blame President Obama for her son’s behavior. PTSD, known as ‘shellshock’ a century ago and under various other names through history, long predates this presidency or these wars. A possible – I stress ‘possible’ since there is little or not public evidence for this at all – factor in the incident becomes a catch-all justification, an alchemical process transforming him from perpetrator to victim lickety-split.

It takes a certain level of cynicism, opportunism, and outright cruelty to exploit the struggle of your own child for political gain and profit.  That in itself is enough to induce a violent backlash.

One bark on “Someone Else’s Fault

  1. And it also could be that Sarah should look at the upbringing in her own house. Her kids are showing the effects of a failed marriage and homegrown violence not unlike what some children raised in poverty exhibit. She is the most non-introspective person grabbing the mic with the exception of the man she’s just endorsed.

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