Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Broke It, You Fix It

You knew it would come to this.

The corporatist network is now circling the wagons around Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over his administration’s poisoning of Flint’s drinking water. This time it’s none other than the American Legislative Exchange Council. It’s not the Snyder administration that’s responsible, they say, it’s the retired city workers and their blood-sucking union pensions that are to blame…

See? Rick Snyder is just a victim of the leeches on the jugular vein of society: retired city workers. The fact that his administration has failed the city on nearly every level and at nearly every juncture is, according to these corporate titans and saviors of society, irrelevant.

Their article, by the way, is titled “The Government Poisoned Flint’s Water—So Stop Blaming Everyone Else” and has the subtitle “A failure of local government, brought on by public employee pensions.” It’s a catchy title because it says government is responsible, which it is. But the government they are talking about is the one that had no political power at the time the events leading to the poisoning of their drinking water were happening: local Flint officials.

I frankly don’t think these people believe their own rhetoric. They’re just paid very well to espouse them.

And now they will use this as a lesson in how government is a failure and we would all be much better off if the country was run by Walmart.

One bark on “We Broke It, You Fix It

  1. Isn’t this the 21st-century equivalent of the Reconstruction trick of refusing to allow schools for Those People so they couldn’t learn skills, then complaining that Those (same) People were stupid/shiftless/lazy and not fit for skilled labor, self-governance or anything?

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