Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All In The Framing

Yesterday the news was full of stories about how Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucuses by “the narrowest of margins.”  Okay, that’s probably factually true; it was a very close finish.

But I get the feeling that if she had lost by the very same margin, it would have been characterized as a “crushing defeat” and all the Very Serious People on cable TV would have wondered how she can possibly go on.

Here’s a thought: How about taking a moment to appreciate the fact that she was the first woman to ever win the Iowa caucus and go from there?

But it also could be that we’ve gotten to the point where having a woman win an important primary event is no big deal.  So that’s saying something.

One bark on “All In The Framing

  1. But Bernie won’t let it go and now wants the actual vote count revealed. I wish he didn’t look like a 79 year old Muppet and always so damned irritable. Have you ever seen him smile?

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