Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Brace Yourself, Florida

We’re the next target now that Super Tuesday is over.

The primary here is March 15 and the candidates are already here. The ads are already on TV — thank Dog for TiVo and public radio streaming — and I expect my e-mail in-box to be flooded with begs for just another five bucks or so.  (Tough luck, folks; I’m skint.)

Republicans are in full freak mode now that Trump has bigfooted his way to the top of the heap.

On the Republican side, party leaders are in near panic over Trump, fearing that he not only could deliver the White House to Clinton in a landslide but also damage Republicans running for other offices. Even as he continues to vacuum up delegates toward what soon could be an insurmountable lead, many Republicans are vowing to block him all the way to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18-21.

“Donald’s general election campaign will fail worse than Trump Mortgage and Trump Steaks. Hillary Clinton will destroy him even if she’s campaigning from jail,” said Tim Miller, former spokesman for the Jeb Bush campaign, who is now working for a super PAC aiming to halt Trump. “Our Principles PAC will fight until the last delegate is counted to stop that from happening.”

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is sending out a message of love and kindness.  Plus, she’s bringing in minority voters, something the Republicans can’t do.

Based on results from Democratic primaries and caucuses in 11 states, Mrs. Clinton succeeded in containing Mr. Sanders to states he was expected to win, like Vermont and Oklahoma, and overpowering him in predominantly black and Hispanic areas that were rich in delegates needed for the Democratic nomination.

Mrs. Clinton, who also won Massachusetts and showed notable strength among Southern white voters, came away with a strong delegate lead over Mr. Sanders — notably larger than the one that Barack Obama had over her at this point in the 2008 presidential race.

It will be interesting to see how well this goes over here in Florida and here on out, but it would be a lot better for us and the country if love and inclusiveness beats grumpy and bigoted.

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