Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Guess Who Said This

I quote:

…I also think that those in politics have an obligation not to wear their faith on their sleeve. There have been far too many politicians that run around behaving like they’re holier than though [sic]. And I’ll tell you, my attitude as a voter if some politician stands up and says “I’m running because God told me to run,” my reaction is as a voter is “Great. When God tells me to vote for you we’ll be on the same page.”

Oh, good; finally a presidential candidate who isn’t going all Jeebus on us.  What a relief, right?

Um, no, guess again.  It was the same candidate who said this:

Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the body of Christ rise up and that Christians stand up, that pastors stand up and lead. In this last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home … If we can simply bring Christians to the polls — is it any wonder we have the government we have, we have the leaders we have if believers stay home and leave electing our leaders to unbelievers. We get exactly what we deserve and nothing is more important than having people of faith stand up and just vote our values, vote biblical values and that’s how we turn the country around.

And the same candidate who said “any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation.”  (For those of you with dirty minds, he means in prayer.)

Yes, Americans, Ted Cruz, who campaigns like Jerry Falwell and declares that no atheist is fit to be president, wants you to know that he doesn’t believe a candidate should wear their faith upon their sleeve.  Instead, he should use it like a bludgeon.

I have long said that Ted Cruz would be a far more dangerous candidate for the Republicans to nominate than anyone out there, including Donald Trump, because he actually has run for office and won elections, and he has actual policies to put forth, as opposed to the word salad that Mr. Trump considers to be his plans for running the country.

So if somehow the Stop Trump movement actually catches on and we’re left with the GOP version of Teddy the Wonder Lizard, we’d be in very deep shit.

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  1. The only thing that makes Trump acceptable as a candidate is knowing that Cruz is the alternative. One is a complete narcissist while the other is genuinely malignant. Just my opinion.

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