Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Voted

I got to the polling place and other than the poll workers, there were two other people voting: a man in his thirties and a woman in her eighties, I’d guess.  I handed over my photo ID, got my ballot, and went to the booth.

And I voted for Martin O’Malley.

Now, I respect the former governor of Maryland and I thought he made some good points in his short-lived run for the White House, but I did not intend to vote for him in the Florida Democratic primary.  I have no idea why I voted for him.  It’s not like the ballot was crowded: there were three choices in alphabetical order.

I didn’t discover the mistake until I was about to slip the ballot into the holder.  I outwardly groaned and went back to the sign-in table to get another ballot.  This caused a little bit of twitterpation because I was the first today to make a mistake and own up to it.  (Most people don’t find they’ve made a mistake until after they’ve voted.)  But I did get a new ballot, filled in the correct bubble, and turned in my ballot.

Ah, democracy.

Voted 10-25-08

3 barks and woofs on “I Voted

  1. I live in Ohio, so I had to vote! It took about 25 minutes. I did not vote for Trump! I did vote for the school levy!

  2. I voted today and when I walked in there was one man scanning his ballot. I got mine and just as I was scanning in my vote another man walked in. Not exactly a huge turnout. Signs for Marco Rubio were the only ones outside the polling place.

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