Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Keeps It Interesting

That Bernie Sanders could pull off a win in Michigan makes for breathless reporting on TV and chin-stroking in the punditocracy.

It doesn’t mean the race is over but it does make it interesting for the primary in Ohio next week when, if Mr. Sanders can pull it off again in another upper Midwest state where Hillary Clinton was thought to be on a roll, then you’ve got a real story.  And while it will be hard for Mr. Sanders to overcome her overall total — Hillary Clinton, through the super-delegates might end up with more than Mr. Sanders after last night — it’s still something to wake up to.

On the other hand, Mr. Sanders barely registered a blip in the Mississippi primary, which shows that Ms. Clinton still has the backing of the African-American voters that make up the South.  But losing the blue-collar vote up north is a warning sign for her.

It’s still a race.