Monday, March 7, 2016

Missed It

I didn’t watch the Democratic debate from Flint last night, but I heard they actually talked about policy and what they wanted to do in office.  Based on the Republican model, it was a total waste of time because nobody talked about their genitalia.

I also missed the final episode of “Downton Abbey,” but then I’ve never watched it, so I guess I’ll have some on-demand stuff to look forward to this summer.

One bark on “Missed It

  1. Nice interview with Julian Fellowes this morning in my paper. There may be a movie in the works so you’ll eventually get the bug. Count on it.

    I watched as much of the debate as I could stand and then turned to the 9 o’clock final hour plus of Downton. I growled at Bernie – would like to have jumped through the screen and throttled him. He’s so damned angry all the time and he was absolutely nasty to Clinton, treating her like women are so used to. “Shut up and let me talk.” Shaking his finger at her. Interrupting. She showed her grasp of the issues and her fitness for the job of President. He belongs in a picket line.

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