Thursday, March 3, 2016

Not Welcome At All

For most of the folks that tried and failed at getting the GOP nomination, they have a private life to go back to; they can fade into the background and resume whatever consulting or lobbying or grift they had going before they decided to save the country and shower us with their glory.  Bobby Jindal is no longer the governor of Louisiana, Mike Huckabee can pick up his gig at Fox News or hustling diet plans, Carly Fiorina can go back to looking for another Fortune 500 company to tank.

Not so for Gov. Chris Christie.  He still has a state to run and a term to finish out, and now that he’s endorsed Donald Trump and broken the world’s record for going from a blustering bully to a toadying sycophant to Donald Trump (and by all appearances having buyers’ remorse), he’s even not welcome back in the Garden State.

Six New Jersey newspapers say Gov. Chris Christie should resign over his endorsement of Donald Trump. They add that if Christie refuses to quit, New Jersey citizens should initiate a recall effort.

The papers — all owned by the Gannett Company, Inc., — on Wednesday ran brutal editorials saying they are fed up with everything from Christie’s famous sarcasm to “his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda.” They add that they are “disgusted with his endorsement of Donald Trump after he spent months on the campaign trail trashing him.”

Christie quit his own presidential campaign after disappointing finishes in early state contests and abruptly endorsed Trump. He said he was backing the billionaire because Trump represents the best chance to defeat Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton in November.

It sounds like the guy has some work to do back home.  Perhaps he should spend his time building bridges instead of blocking or burning them.

HT to Booman.