Friday, March 18, 2016

Scenes From Childhood

I’ve read some Very Serious People who are sure that once Donald Trump actually gets the nomination, he will become a more presidential candidate, that he will actually develop detailed policies and proposals that are in line with the Republican platform, and that he will give up the rhetoric and showmanship that got him through the primaries.  They believe that once the general election campaign begins, the voters, who have the attention span of an Irish setter, will forget about all the demagoguery and hate speech and demonization and he will be a viable candidate who could win in November.  In essence, he’ll calm down and act like a grown-up.

(By the way, these are the same people who said last June that he will flame out by August; that his mocking of John McCain’s time as a POW will certainly be fatal, and if that didn’t do it, his attacks on the disabled, the press, women, and his admiration for dictators and antic behavior would drive his polls into the basement by Thanksgiving; Christmas, tops.  He’d never get past the first primary or caucus.  And even if he did, well, the party would never let him get to Cleveland with enough delegates.  Just give him time; he’ll implode.)

Seriously.  Well, there’s such a thing as film, video tape, and other newfangled inventions that will remind us of what  he has said, what he believes, and how he’d lead the country.  And there are those who would be more than happy to remind us of those Kodak moments.

Update: David Brooks has his oh-shit moment.