Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Is It

Not to get too overly dramatic, but I think that within the next 24 hours or so the future of this country will be determined.

By the time they get done counting the votes on Super Tuesday, enough delegates to the conventions will have been allocated to candidates to the point that it makes challenging them a very difficult, if not impossible, task, and by this time tomorrow, we’ll know who the candidates for the general election will be.

Then what?

At this point I really don’t care who wins the Democratic nomination; I would be happy with either candidate if I had the assurance that they would win the general election.  That’s because the choices on the Republican side are so fucking scary that for any of them — Trump, Cruz, or Rubio — to get closer to the Oval Office than a VIP tour is enough to make me what to check out what Cape Breton has to offer.

In reality, I’d stay and fight back, but I’d really rather not have to, so in order to avoid that, we need to make sure that it doesn’t happen.  You can Feel the Bern or Stand with Hillary; hell, you can rally behind Teddy the Wonder Lizard for all I care.  Just don’t let the bastards win.

One bark on “This Is It

  1. Polling in NoVA was interesting. MUCH quieter than the last couple cycles. Yuuuge ballot, with just one question on it. And naturally a near-empty polling station…

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