Friday, April 15, 2016

Another Debate

I didn’t watch the debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton last night, but based on the tweets and live blog postings I’ve seen this morning, Hillary Clinton did a good job and finally goaded the moderators into asking about women’s rights.

While I think it’s good to have these forums in order to try to get the candidates away from their stump speeches, they don’t always work that way.  (For the GOP, it’s more like the Hunger Games without the actual corpses.)  But other than waiting around for a Rick Perry “oops” moment, I’m not sure that they have really ever changed anyone’s mind about who to vote for.

So I’m asking: has a TV debate in this current election cycle made any difference to you on who you’ll support?

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  1. I’m so completely burned out on the horse race and all Trump all the time coverage of this election that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

  2. No! I am sick of all the BS and the constant coverage of everything and anything of this campaign. I seems as if there is nothing else going on in the United States or anywhere else in the world. I am voting for Hillary and have no interest in listening to grown men insulting each other.

  3. Never watch debates. My husband and I raised a family of four kids. Our dinner tables were the sites of all the debating I needed over a lifetime. No one won there either. I also never watch perma-Trump or Bernie’s big shows. I think our election cycle should shrink to about six weeks as is done in civilized countries. Maybe then we’d all become interested enough to turn on the teevee when there’s a debate. Or maybe we’d get the news from the daily paper or magazine coverage and the opinion pages would help form our political preferences. Not who won last night’s bicker.

  4. If we had public campaign finance in place, there’d be a shorter campaign time so we wouldn’t get tired of and insulted by the lamestream media promoting the entertainment value of the campaign process. Instead, they could serve the public by monitoring the veracity of the candidate’s claims. With publicly financed campaigns, the media could return to its role in providing a more impartial discussion/ illumination of the issues that concern us all…not just corporate America.
    With money controlling our election process…as well as most of our politicians…we’re subject to campaigns, ads and debates that don’t serve the truth. No wonder we’re all sick and tired of most of it.
    I see Bernie Sanders as the only candidate who’s in politics to serve all citizens. The rest of the candidates…to varying degrees…are about gaining money and power…in other words, ego.
    If I must, I’ll vote for Hillary. She’s a Democrat so I’m hopeful that she’ll maintain the progress that the party has made in health care, gender and women’s rights, voting rights, etc…not to forget future Supreme Court nominations.However, her past & current record/actions in the arena of foreign affairs…in the middle east, central america, Haiti, etc. reflects an M.O. of short term gain vision and hawkish/militaristic actions.
    I’d love to have a women president. But I’m willing to wait for Elizabeth Warren whose record proves she is consistently for responsible finance regulations that protect all citizens…not the greed of the few….. Hillary represents herself as a contuation of Obama’s policies. Well, as a two time Obama voter, I’m disappointed. He did what he could but he’s been too centrist and I’m afraid that’s Hillary’s lens…she’ll tweak but she won’t innovate..that would cost her too much money/establishment support.
    Yes, Barney Frank and Howard Dean, both impressive progressive voices support Hillary. However, are you aware that Barney sits on the board of Signature Bank (a large bank) and that Howard is a lobbyist for the health care industry? Ah, the pull and the power of money and ego….
    Bernie is the only true representative of the important issues. He has the courage to represent us all and his policies reflect this committment. Hillary supports fracking…that’s been proven to be extremely problematic to the air and water quality/safety of the surrounding communities…not to mention increased earthquakes in those areas! I could go on…trade agreements, the minimum wage, etc. They’re different issues but Bernie’ approach is consistently that of supporting the interests of all citizens. Can you say that for Hillary?

    • I agree…this is more of a rant than a comment but what’s at stake is just too important for brevity. I stand with my original comment…you decide…

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