Friday, April 1, 2016

It Was Never There

The top story on NBC News’ website this morning:

Trump’s Poll Numbers Tumble as November Looms

This is being seen as a sudden shift in the national polling, but it’s not really a big surprise.  Mr. Trump is now being polled as a general election candidate rather than one running in the primaries, and while he may have done very well among the party base, he’s buzzard meat when the rest of America chimes in.

A collection of recent surveys by Real Clear Politics finds, on average, 30 percent of respondents hold a favorable view of Trump versus 63 percent who hold a negative one. Those numbers are roughly parallel to former President George W. Bush’s approval ratings during his final months in office, which set the stage for President Barack Obama’s landslide victory.

The false impression of his dominance in the race has been encouraged by the fact that certain cable networks will go live with Breaking News when Mr. Trump holds a rally in Dogpatch and scratches his ass.

On the upside, maybe that’s what’s making the general population turn against him: they see him in all his glory and find out he’s as thoroughly detestable as real life can make him.

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