Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Keep Digging

First it was Indiana.  Last year the state’s legislature passed an ironically named “religious freedom” bill targeting gay rights.  It created such a stink from the business community that Gov. Mike Pence rushed to have it amended.  This year it was North Carolina which caused — and still is causing — threats of economic sanctions ranging from multinational corporations and banks to rock stars.  The governor of Georgia saw what happened and vetoed that state’s version of the bill, thereby assuring a worried world that “Family Feud” will still be “made in Georgia.”  But Mississippi went ahead with their bill, which is even more sweeping than the one in North Carolina, because, well, they’re Mississippi.  Now it’s South Carolina’s turn.

So I wonder if those geniuses in Columbia looked around them, saw what happened in North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi and said, “Mm, we gotta get us some ‘o that!”?

Oh well, there are already too many tourists in Charleston and Hilton Head.  The hotels, restaurants, and tourist shops could use a rest.