Friday, April 15, 2016

Memo To John Kasich

John Kasich sat down with Chris Matthews last night and held forth on a variety of subjects as warm-up to next Tuesday’s New York primary — a state he professes to “love” even though he’s the governor of Ohio (“I love Ohio too” he admitted, not pandering at all) — and the subject of same-sex marriage came up.

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews “the court has ruled” on same-sex marriage and he would not advocate for any efforts to ban it, even though he supports traditional marriage.

“There could be an effort to pass a Constitutional Amendment. I’m not for doing it. I’m for moving on,” the Republican presidential hopeful said Thursday in a town hall airing on MSNBC at 7 p.m. ET.

“Exactly where it is now, I’m fine with it,” he said when asked if there are any laws that should be changed to address the issue.

In a landmark decision last year, the Supreme Court ruled same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Many in the once crowded Republican presidential field opposed the ruling, and while Kasich affirmed he believes marriage should remain between a man and woman, he told Matthews that everyone should be “a bit more tolerant.”

The Ohio governor often talks about how he recently attended a friend’s same-sex marriage ceremony.

“I don’t think it’s right and the wedding that I went to, they know that I don’t agree with them,” Kasich said.

Asked by Matthews what gay couples who love each other should do, Kasich said: “They should love one another. That’s the end of it.”

By “a bit more tolerant” he means the anti-gay people should be tolerant… and the gay-marriage advocates should be more tolerant of those with “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

That would be fine if there was any evidence that the LGBTQ community tried to pass laws that permitted discrimination against Christians getting married or buying flowers for their tacky weddings or if there was a gay county clerk who refused to sign a marriage certificate for a straight couple and threw quotes from Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote at them.  Has that happened?  [crickets]

We don’t want your tolerance, we don’t want your prayers, and we don’t want your opinion on our marriages any more than you want ours on anything of yours that you hold sacred, like your marriage.

We don’t want to know if you agree with it or not because frankly, I sincerely doubt that anyone would base their decision on whether or not to get married and live their life based on what an absolute stranger who has no chance of ever being anything more than an also-ran in the country’s most dysfunctional election in living memory thinks of it.

All we want is for you and your band of busybodies to leave us the hell alone and stop using us as your piñata to score easy applause lines from the base of your party, and I mean base in all the meanings of the word.  Tolerate that.

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