Friday, April 29, 2016

Next Thing You Know, They’ll Win Elections

Buck Newton, A North Carolina state senator is very upset that gay people are actually voting.

“We all know that the folks that wave the rainbow flags and things like that are politically very upset about the way things are today. They’re upsets about the way things have always been in this state,” he said earlier in his remarks. “And they’re bound and determined to try to change it, whether it’s by winning elections in the city of Charlotte on their city council or whether it’s wining [sic] elections in November in the General Assembly or whether it’s winning elections in November for our governor.”

It kind of reminds me of how a group of like-minded people banded together to vote for people who supported their causes.  Y’know, black people.  Or the elderly.  Or even, more’s the pity, cranky white people in the Tea Party.  It’s called “democracy.”  Funny how that works.

Might want to try it, Buck.

One bark on “Next Thing You Know, They’ll Win Elections

  1. Yeah, and a bunch of other like-minded people banded together to make sure those uppity nigras didn’t think of doing anything like voting. For anybody.

    This Buck Newton sounds like he might be pining for those days. He certainly is outraged that we might actually change things through the Constitutional electoral process he swore to uphold.

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