Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ted’s Last Try

Not trying to sound desperate or anything…

Praising the former technology executive as “brilliant and capable,” in Indianapolis, Cruz said Fiorina stood up to frontrunner Donald Trump as a candidate in the GOP race after the billionaire “insulted her face.”

“Everyone of us remembers the grace, the class, the élan at which Carly responded,” he said.

The senator also acknowledged the unorthodox timing of the announcement, which came on the heels of Trump winning five state primaries.

“It’s tradition that a vice presidential nominee is announced at the convention,” Cruz said. “It is unusual to make the announcement as early as we’re doing so now. I think all would acknowledge, this race, if anything, is unusual.”

After a lengthy introduction, Fiorina appeared on stage and hugged her running mate, saying Cruz’s unfavorable reputation in Washington is evidence of his fighting the establishment.

“The only way you solve festering problems is you actually have to challenge the status quo,” she said, noting he made enemies along the way. “So I am reassured and I am proud of some of the enemies that Ted Cruz has made.”

Fiorina also sang an affectionate ditty about the Cruz daughters, calling them “two girls that I adore.”

And she’s creepy to little girls, too.

“Cruz Fiorina” sounds like a lightweight punch-drunk boxer who got knocked out in the first round.