Thursday, May 5, 2016

Get Off The Fainting Couch

From the New York Times:

Republican elected officials, donors and strategists grappled uncomfortably on Wednesday with the inevitability of Donald J. Trump as their presidential nominee, an unexpectedly sudden denouement that left many in a state of political paralysis and others vowing to oppose the party’s new standard-bearer.

While some called for unity, many Republican leaders refrained from falling in line behind Mr. Trump, with dozens avoiding inquiries about where they stood or saying they wanted Mr. Trump to detail his policies or tone down his language first. Others tied themselves in knots as they praised and criticized Mr. Trump in a single breath, or suggested that they could abide Mr. Trump but loathed his agenda.

So after all these years of right-wing shrieking from AM radio from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, conspiracy theories about Bill Clinton, the “Second Amendment solution” candidates, the coy nods to white supremacists and the Klan on immigration and race relations, the panty-sniffing and pearl-clutching over other peoples’ private lives, the domination of women and their reproductive rights, and any number of other things that were meant to scare the crap out of the foolish and the weak, you’re suddenly surprised that a demagogue that says out loud what you’ve all been thinking for the last forty years wins your presidential nomination?

Fainting couchSpare us the drama.  Suck it up and deal with it like the rest of us who have had to put up with the bile, the hatred, the pompous arrogance of ignorance and the sunny nostrums of white Christian patriarchy for so long.