Friday, May 27, 2016

Polling The Real Hispanics

Howard Fineman did an interview with Peter Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign minion, and he’s very sure that when the real Hispanics vote, they’ll go for his guy.

The conventional view, espoused by the Bush family and its retainer Karl Rove, is that a GOP presidential candidate needs 40 percent of the nationwide Hispanic vote to win. Trump is at roughly 20 percent.

“The national polls are distorted,” Manafort said. “To get a national sample they rely too much on Hispanics from New York and California, which is where large populations are, but also where most of the radical Hispanics are.”

“But if you look at Hispanics in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Florida, you see a different picture. We’re going to target Hispanic voters in those and other swing states.”


So his candidate doesn’t need 40 percent of Latino voters nationwide. “If we get into the high 20s in those states with Hispanics, we will win them, and in Florida we can do even better if we do what we need to do in the Cuban community.”

His theory seems to be that since they all look alike and sound alike, they’ll all vote alike.  Except for those radicals.

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