Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Progress Is Never A Bargain

I never thought that when the Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality last June that at last America was over state-sanctioned gay-bashing and marginalization any more than I believed that Brown v. Board of Education would end school segregation or that Roe v. Wade would make reproductive rights a matter for a woman to decide rather than the state.  There will always be a backlash against any sort of social change no matter if it comes naturally through civilization’s growth or through the bang of a gavel in a courtroom.  The current rash of laws limiting the rights of people to use a toilet is just another example of it.

In every case, the backlash has been defended on the grounds of tradition — “We’ve always done it that way” — or religion — “God says so” — or safety — “Think of the children!”  All three of them are weak on the face of it, but they are meant to put an end to the argument rather than rationalize their opposition to whatever the change is because they really cannot justify it on reasonable grounds.  So they respond with legislation that worms its way around the barriers of constitutionally protected rights to find some way to undermine it.  (Ironically, these overreaching laws are written by people who claim to cherish more freedom and smaller government.)

John Cole:

When these jackasses say they don’t want something like homosexuality normalized, what they mean is that they don’t want to have to stop brutalizing homosexuals and transgenders both physically and emotionally and socially. They want them back in the closet, so they don’t have to confuse their pretty little heads with something that scares them or that they don’t understand. What they really mean is not that they don’t want homosexuality “normalized,” what they mean is that they want to continue to treat normal people like shit for no reason or because Jeebus told them to. Or because it makes them feel superior or because they see political gain. Or because they are sociopaths. Or because they themselves are having feelings for the same sex or are confused about their gender identity and it scares the living shit out of them because they are surrounded by people like them who have spent their entire lives telling that that is wrong. Or some combination of all of the above.

There will always be those who fight change.  To quote Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee in “Inherit the Wind,” progress has never been a bargain; you have to pay for it by giving up something; in this case the idea that what someone else may be doing behind closed doors or in the stall next to you in the restroom is any of your business.

More importantly, you might want to examine why it is that you’re so concerned about it.

4 barks and woofs on “Progress Is Never A Bargain

  1. You are suffering now, but I can promise you there are grandchildren growing up today that will shelter others from bullies and trolls…may they rule the world!!!

  2. Governor McCrory said he simply wanted a federal court “to clarify federal law.”
    If the courts go against him the first words out of his mouth will be, “Activist judges in the courts should not be telling states what laws they can pass.”

    • I listened to him in a PBS interview this morning and ended up screaming at the car speakers. You’re absolutely right, Bob. He blames the “liberals” for drumming up this issue; he’s already blamed the activist Supreme Court; when he loses his case against the government he’ll blame the activist courts in quick succession and want Congress to step in; and finally he’ll go back to blaming Democrats in Congress who don’t understand TRADITION and the sanctity of the toilet. How much will this cost South Carolina?

  3. “Activist judges in the courts should not be telling states what laws they can pass.” How about “Activist governors should not be telling cities what ordinances they can pass.”

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