Friday, May 13, 2016

Qualified Support

Hey, remember Dan Quayle? Yeah, that guy who was vice president under George H.W. Bush way back in the 80’s.  Ever wonder what he’s been up to since then?  Yeah, me neither.  But he’s still around and he still has the charm of inanity that endeared him to late-night comedians and sit-coms.

Hillary Clinton may be a more qualified presidential candidate than Donald Trump “on paper,” former Vice President Dan Quayle said Thursday. But Trump is more qualified in another respect, the Indiana Republican suggested.

“He’s more qualified in the sense that the American people, I think, want an outsider,” Quayle said in an interview with NBC’s “Today,” remarking that he would support him as the Republican Party’s nominee. “And they want an outsider this time. She’s not an outsider, so if you’re looking for an outsider, no, she’s not qualified, and he is.”

So he means that if you don’t really care what “qualified” means, then Trump’s your guy.

Leave it to someone who can’t spell “potato” to re-write the dictionary.