Monday, May 9, 2016

Texas Takes A Stand On Sitting

Folks in Texas must not have heard of all the trouble turned up by North Carolina and their anti-LGBT legislation, specifically the part that requires determining whether to stand or sit to take a piss.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ready to sign in a new bill denying transgender access to all public restrooms in the state.

This comes shortly after Target received fierce criticism over their new bathroom policy regarding transgender people.

Abbott said this in a statement regarding the new bill:

“Texans have spoken, and I am acting. I will not stand idly by while this country becomes more and more open to the thought of grown men being in restrooms with our little girls. It’s not right. It’s not American.”

The bill is set to be signed into action on May 18th 2016. It was filed by state representative Debbie Riddle.It states that anyone who can not conform to traditional standards of identifying with biological gender, may not use any public restrooms, as no such restrooms exist for them.

Riddle says “If a man can’t dress and act like a man, he can use the restroom at home.”

There are a couple of things that come to mind.  First, there are people in Texas who are really obsessed with the toilet habits of other people, and they seem to pose more of a danger to the social fabric than a transgendered person with a full bladder.  They are the ones who should be the subject of new legislation.

Second, as the people of North Carolina have found out, the federal government does not take kindly to states who discriminate against people on account of their sex.  So how does Gov. Abbott propose to pay for all the inevitable lawsuits and court costs that will arise from this stupid and wicked law?

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  1. Only in Texas! They have all these guns down here and are afraid of a transgender person going to the bathroom that they identify as; silly!

  2. Does the law cover women who identify as men? I can picture the line for using the single stall in the men’s john. You’ll note the concern in North Carolina and Texas is with male to female trans people. More weirdness.

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