Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Via the Washington Post:

In May, under pressure from the news media, Donald Trump made good on a pledge he made four months earlier: He gave $1 million to a nonprofit group helping veterans’ families.

Before that, however, when was the last time that Trump had given any of his own money to a charity?

If Trump stands by his promises, such donations should be occurring all the time. In the 15 years prior to the veterans donation, Trump promised to donate earnings from a wide variety of his moneymaking enterprises: “The Apprentice.” Trump Vodka. Trump University. A book. Another book. If he had honored all those pledges, Trump’s gifts to charity would have topped $8.5 million.

But in the 15 years prior to the veterans’ gift, public records show that Trump donated about $2.8 million through a foundation set up to give his money away — less than a third of the pledged amount — and nothing since 2009. Records show Trump has given nothing to his foundation since 2008.

It’s one thing to not give money to charities; not everyone can afford to chip in to every worthy cause.  But it’s entirely another when you’ve pledged to donate and then don’t follow through.  And even worse when you brag about your generosity and then have to be shamed into paying up.

To quote Archie Bunker, “it’s easy to be generous when it don’t cost you nothin’.”