Friday, June 3, 2016

Grooming Him For The Job

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Gov. Rick Scott 05-08-11Gov. Rick Scott will meet Monday in New York with Donald Trump, as the GOP nominee turns to the general election and crucial Florida.

“Governor Scott looks forward to meeting with Mr. Trump to discuss his campaigns in Florida and how he thinks Mr. Trump will have a big win in the state in November,” the governor’s political consultant, Melissa Stone, said in a statement first obtained by the Washington Post.

Scott endorsed Trump the day after the Florida primary but had already made his support clear.

Appearing earlier today on Fox News, Scott said he and Trump spoke late last week.

“My goal is I could have hopefully a positive impact on how he wins Florida,” Scott said. “He can win this state, he should win this state. I won both times, but you’ve got to work at it, you’ve got to go out there and make sure you get the votes, tell your story. It’s still about jobs. That’s why I think Donald Trump could have a big win because he’s a business person that knows how to create jobs.”

The buzz is that Gov. Scott is on the list as a possible VP candidate for the Trump ticket.  I actually think he’s going to share his hair care tips.

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  1. Voldemort? Voldemort? Oh, be still my beating hear. (Just Kidding, I already got 3 bypasses and 2 stents.)t

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