Monday, June 6, 2016

Not Likely But Possible

Paul Campos at LGM comes up with an interesting prediction.

This campaign is going to be a non-stop car crash. Since I predicted last summer that Trump had a real shot at the nomination, I’m going to throw another prediction out there now: There’s a non-trivial chance that Trump actually withdraws from the race at some point prior to the election. This is based on the assumption that there’s a good chance that the polls late in the race — say towards the end of October — will show him suffering a massive, humiliating defeat. Rather than face that I can see him bailing, based on some sufficiently crazy conspiracy theory about how the whole thing is rigged, has been from the start, etc. Plus he doesn’t actually want to do the job of course, though he would no doubt be willing to outsource it. (I have no idea what the election laws allow in regard to the GOP coming up with a last-minute pinch-hitter).

It’s more likely that Mr. Trump would see it through to the bitter end, never concede even if he loses 2-to-1 in the Electoral College, threaten to sue anyone that looks at him funny, and demand to speak at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration.

As for the last-minute pinch-hitter, that would be Paul Ryan, of course.

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  1. He could run and if he won resign making the Vice President president. Maybe that’s the deal he worked out with the party. The Vice President nominee should be telling.

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