Thursday, June 30, 2016

2 barks and woofs on “Obama on “Populism”

  1. So is Canada apparently. Did you tear up when you watched the humongous applause he got after his speech to parliament? And the shouts of “Four More Years!” over and over. Wish I’d been there. And I wish there could be four more years, but Michelle would kill him, I suppose.

  2. What will be to miss? He said that he will continue to work for social justice issues. All the great ex Presidents of my lifetime are Democrats. All of the the Rs since Nixon put together haven’t done as much as Jimmy Carter by himself. Since he turned 88.

    Mr. Obama will be the greatest ex President of all time, IMO.

    PS. I’m new here, drawn by your musical taste as much as anything. I don’t comment much, but I would encourage more Django Reinhardt. He’s a hero of mine, and one of a select few who can compete for the greatest guitarist of all time. He played rhythm guitar for Coleman Hawkins on a session in the mid 30s (because besides inventing the guitar as a solo instrument, he was also the best rhythm player of the day). Their version of Honeysuckle Rose is awesome, the whole session is, as is the classic Hot Club of France version from roughly the same time. Almost all the pre-war stuff with Stephane Grapelli is amazing.

    Please pardon my obsession.


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