Friday, June 17, 2016

Quote of the Day

From the Boston Globe:

In this country, the federal government limits duck hunters to weapons that carry only three shells, to protect the duck population. But you can buy an assault weapon in seven minutes and an unlimited number of bullets to fire with it. For every McDonald’s in the United States, there are four federally licensed gun dealers and an untold number of unregulated private dealers who can legally sell an unlimited number of guns out of their homes, backpacks, and car trunks without requiring a criminal background check or proof of ID.

These weren’t the guns, and this wasn’t the America, that the Founders foresaw. That is why we need a new assault weapons ban, written for the realities we face in 2016.


2 barks and woofs on “Quote of the Day

  1. Have you read the statement Fla’s guv (Batboy) said, you know, about the 2nd amendment “never killed anybody”? So, we have a so called govn’t official who you would think knows sumin’ about the Constitution & what the 2nd actually says.
    Not sure ak’s or military style weapons taking out citizens of the US were in that. I might be wrong, NO I’M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In a nutshell, I believe it was scripted to mean the right to bear arms against an oppressive govn’t , not people you don’t like. It’s very clear.
    But then again, there wasn’t the nra then buying our representatives. Amirite

  2. Nobody but a soldier or a police office will ever need an assault weapon. It is insanity to allow an ordinary person to buy one.

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