Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sounds Like A Winner

The folks at Bloomberg have figured out that Bill Kristol’s candidate for the independent run to beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is lawyer and National Review columnist David French.

French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. According to the website of National Review, where French is a staff writer, he is a constitutional lawyer, a recipient of the Bronze Star, and an author of several books who lives in Columbia, Tenn., with his wife Nancy and three children.

Reached in Israel late Tuesday afternoon, Kristol declined to comment on his efforts to induce French to run. The two Republicans confirmed that French is open to launching a bid, but that he has not made a final decision. One of the Republicans added that French has not lined up a vice-presidential running mate or significant financial support.

Via Steve M we also learn that Mr. French and his wife Nancy are advocates of the right-wing hit parade with a heavy emphasis on the private doings of other people:

Both are obsessed with current battles over sexual orientation and gender: For National Review, David writes posts with titles such as “Transgender Extremism — Two Videos Show How Quickly the Absurd Became Accepted, Then Mandatory” while his wife defends Curt Schilling’s trans-bashing (“ESPN Fired Conservative Curt Schilling, but Hires Female LGBT Activist”) and reacts to an ad featuring two gay dads with a post titled “Nabisco, Spreading Liberal Propaganda on Your Honey Maid Graham Crackers.”

Voters had a chance to choose among several candidates in the primary who sounded like that — Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson — and they rejected them all and went with the sex-addled Mr. Trump.  What makes Bill Kristol think that they’ll suddenly switch back?