Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sucking Up

This is a real ad from MSNBC’s new campaign to win over an audience:

MSNBC leaning-right-print-ad-final 06-02-16

Uh, yeah.  The rogues gallery of their conservative contributors: Mike Murphy, Nicole Wallace, Hugh Hewitt, Steve Schmidt, Michael Steele, and Ben Ginsberg.

I don’t want MSNBC to be the left-wing version of Fox News; an echo chamber of the DNC, but c’mon.  This is like the nerd who sucks up to the football jocks so they won’t stuff him into his locker on a regular basis.  How craven can you get?

MSNBC BothSidesDoIt Tweet 06-02-16If it wasn’t for Rachel Maddow, it wouldn’t be worth remembering the channel number.

3 barks and woofs on “Sucking Up

    • Nah. I’m tired of watching Joe hog the microphone while Mika sits there looking like the good little wifey with her lady-like scarf and ambiguous expression. Can she talk? Other than Rachel, if I can stay away from the book I’m reading I’ll stay up to watch Laurence O’Donnell. There’s some bite there.

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