Friday, June 17, 2016

The Party’s Over, Bernie

Time to call it a day.

Sen. Sanders gave it his all, but as in every election, someone has to get to all before the eventual winner, and he did.

I have a lot of friends who were passionate about the Sanders campaign and probably still are.  I know how they feel; I’ve been supportive of candidates who didn’t make it.  One of the first posts on this blog in November 2003 was in support of Howard Dean, and way back in 1968, at the ripe old age of fifteen, I was for Eugene McCarthy before he petered out and left the stage to Bobby Kennedy.  So I know about the disappointment and the feeling of “oh the hell with it.”

That is until you realize who is running on the other party’s ticket.  Richard Nixon was bad enough in 1968 and George W. Bush was dreadful in 2004, but Donald Trump is so far worse than either of them that it will take the light from Planet Apocalypse five years to catch up to him.  Giving him any chance to even get close to winning is terrible to contemplate and makes whatever slights, grievances, and hesitations anyone has about the way forward with the current presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party sounds petty and dangerous.

You may not like everything Hillary Clinton stands for or says.  We get that.  We got that.  But nothing seals an assurance that your concerns and beliefs will be heard and respected better than making your points and gracefully ceding the floor.

To put it in the vernacular of your native land, Brooklyn: So go already.

One bark on “The Party’s Over, Bernie

  1. Once I gave Bernie’s campaign a bit of money. Later I realized he was putting forth half-baked ideas that would neither get passed or pass close inspection. In spite of that he has been able to round up an army of devoted followers and even if he swears it’s not about him, the fact is it is. Now he’s hanging on, refusing to support Hillary and swearing he’ll go to the convention to cause more divisiveness. The history of his years in Congress isn’t encouraging. Not only has he been unwilling or unable to work with other members of Congress to have some of his ideas for better government, more inclusive government, considered, but he’s been a loner by choice. He’s not even a full-fledged Democrat, but only one for the convenience of its fund raising and scheduling help.

    In a way, Bernie and Donald are alike. Big egos, big rallies, big numbers for The Man. So, yes, I wish he’d just sit down, be quiet and give it up.

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