Monday, June 27, 2016

This Is Normal In America

Jim Wright in Facebook:

This week’s Good Gal with a Gun.

Yesterday raging gun nut Christy Sheats chased her two daughters into the street with a gun. One of the daughters, Taylor, was already wounded and collapsed in the street. Sheats’ husband, Jason, shouted, “Don’t do this, they’re our kids!” Sheats went back inside, reloaded, and returned to the street where she shot the unwounded daughter, Madison, in the back as she tried to flee. When police arrived they found Christy Sheats standing in the street, holding the gun she’d used to murder her children. They ordered her to drop the weapon and surrender. She didn’t. Fearing that she would shoot the children again, they shot her dead. One of the daughters was pronounced dead at the scene, the other died later in the hospital.


Why did this happen?

Because this is what gun nuts do.

This is how people who are obsessed with guns solve their problems. This how gun nuts resolve disputes. For gun nuts, this is the ONLY solution, every time. The gun gives them power and that power warps their thinking. They dream of using the power, being the hero, forcing others to do what they want. The gun makes them mighty. The gun makes them brave. The gun makes them ten feet tall. The gun makes them right. The gun makes them righteous. The gun makes them GOD. You do what I say or I’ll fucking kill ya.

That’s how obsession works.

This is why gun nuts like Christy Sheats are so utterly terrified somebody will come to take away their guns. Because to them guns are power, the One Ring, My Precious, and the thought of losing that power terrifies them.

It’s an obsession. And this is how it always ends, right here.

When people are fed a constant diet of fear, anger, and rage and are enabled by a culture of violence and paranoia and exceptionalism and told over and over that guns are the answer to every situation then THIS is how they solve their problems.

This isn’t an accident, or a moment of insanity, this is NORMAL in America and you can see it reflected in every aspect of our society from those who are afraid to go to the grocery store without a gun to TV shows that solve EVERY problem with a gun to sovereign citizen militias that intend to shoot down the rest of us with their guns to average citizens who believe they have a right to overthrow their government with guns to our police forces who increasingly resolve every confrontation with guns to our nation’s foreign policy which is largely based on guns. It’s all part of a set piece.

This, right here, is who we are.

When the only tool you own is a gun, every problem is a target. Couple that to a constant state of rage and insecurity and easy access to firearms and the end is inevitable.

Guns themselves aren’t the problem.  It’s the unfettered access to them by people who have no business getting them and being held in the thrall of a minority of loud-mouthed fearmongers that is the real problem.  Until we deal with that, this is normal America.

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  1. Beyond that there’s the issue of guns being simply part of the furniture. Headline today: 6 year old shoots and kills his 3 year old brother. The older boy was “playing” with the handgun his mother left lying around in their apartment. The mother is now charged with a felony which solves nothing. When, Oh Lord, will be be saved?

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