Thursday, June 30, 2016

Zika and The Flag of Treason

Senate Democrats blocked passage of a bill that would have funded the fight against the Zika virus.  No, they’re not suddenly in the hands of the Mosquito lobby; it’s because the bill contained poison pill amendments such as stripping money from Planned Parenthood and reversing the ban on Confederate flags in national cemeteries.

As Charlie Pierce noted, that’s not governing.  That’s a talk show.

Babies are being born in America with birth defects because of Zika, and Florida has more cases of it than any other state thanks to our proximity and ports of entry from places where the disease is spreading.  And yet the Republicans can’t help but take shots at the Obama administration and shore up their creds with the bigots.  Because that’s what wins elections in Dixie, and apparently that’s all that matters.