Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bayh Back

Wow, two days in a row that Indiana politics make the news.

Democrat Baron Hill is dropping out of the Indiana Senate race and will be replaced as the Democratic nominee by former Sen. Evan Bayh, upending the race in a state Republicans expected to hold easily this fall.

Bayh, who is also a former governor of Indiana, still has approximately $9.3 million in a federal campaign account that has sat nearly dormant since he left the Senate in 2010.

By all that’s important, Indiana should be a hard-core GOP state, but for some reason it can’t seem to find competent Republicans to run for the Senate.  And if Mr. Bayh should win — and he’s never lost a race — that will give Indiana two Democratic senators.

If Mr. Bayh wins, he’ll replace Sen. Dan Coats, who is retiring, and Mr. Bayh would be back in the seat he gave up that was won by Mr. Coats in 2010.  And when Mr. Bayh won election to the Senate the first time, he took the seat occupied by Dan Coats.  The Senate office building should put in a revolving door.

This also makes the Senate much more in play for the Democrats to take over.