Friday, July 1, 2016

7 barks and woofs on “Random Thought

  1. I watched Morning Joe while I got dressed this morning. I was treated to the avowals of all the participants as to the human kindness of Donald Trump. Joe has known him for years and said there’s not a racist bone in Trump’s body. Mika agreed and said she knows for a fact that Donald hired a worker who didn’t speak a word of English thereby saving the man and his wife and three little ones. They think Trump is play-acting to appeal to the baser instincts of our voters. On the other hand, there was much tut-tutting about the foolishness of Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton. “It just looks TERRIBLE – it was. . . so stupid!”

    I gave up and headed for my morning coffee. MSNBC is making money off this and other 24 hour coverage of Trump. Fair and balanced my ass.

    • “Fair and balanced” is the Fox mantra. MSNBC’s is “Never met an ass we wouldn’t kiss.”

    • There have been plenty of people who were racist in the aggregate but could be decent to individual minority members that they knew.

      • I have found this to be generally true and to include noticeably virulent racists who can still be reasonable and generous to individuals whom they know while holding that person’s entire race, ethnicity, etc in contempt or overt dislike.

    • I suppose there is no chance that he hired the guy who couldn’t speak English so he could pay him minimum wage or less.

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