Thursday, July 21, 2016

“There Will Be Blood”

Well, Donald Trump did say that there would be anger and disruption at the Republican convention, but I don’t think he meant that it would be at the hands of Ted Cruz.

The Republican convention erupted into tumult on Wednesday night as the bitter primary battle between Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz reignited unexpectedly, crushing hopes that the party could project unity.

In the most electric moment of the convention, a clamor broke out as it became clear that Mr. Cruz — in a prime-time address from center stage — was not going to endorse Mr. Trump. It was a pointed snub on the eve of Mr. Trump’s formal acceptance speech.

As hundreds of delegates chanted “Vote for Trump!” and “Say it!” Mr. Cruz tried to dismiss the outburst as “enthusiasm of the New York delegation” — only to have Mr. Trump himself suddenly appear in the back of the convention hall. Virtually every head in the room seemed to turn from Mr. Cruz to Mr. Trump, who was stone-faced and clearly angry as he egged on delegates by pumping his fist.

If this was TV, we’d cut to a starkly-lit hallway in the basement of the convention center where a maintenance worker would come across a bloodied corpse, sinister music would be heard, and a voice-over intones, “In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups….”

How’s that party unity thing working out for you, GOP?