Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Bernie Sanders will campaign with Hillary Clinton today in New Hampshire.

The rally, which will be held at Portsmouth High School, in a state where Mr. Sanders defeated Mrs. Clinton by 22 percentage points in a hard-fought February primary, is the result of weeks of private negotiations and policy debates between the Sanders and Clinton camps. While the endorsement event is widely expected to happen, Mrs. Clinton had to reschedule two recent events, one with President Obama and the other with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., because of the shootings in Orlando, Fla., and Dallas.

I expect this event to be bigfooted by the memorial service in Dallas where President Obama will speak.  Still, it’s good that they’re getting together.

My one question is how will my very adamant pro-Bernie/anti-Hillary friends on Facebook take this?

One bark on “Togetherness

  1. It’s a puzzlement. The nasty things Bernie was saying about his primary rival seems to have stuck. My brother and his kids have a problem now. Vote Green or Independent? Never Hillary, that monster. I’ll be interested to see how they respond to Bernie’s clasping the hand of the Monster in the weeks going forward. Poor babies . . .

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