Saturday, August 13, 2016

2 barks and woofs on “Random Youtubery

  1. I am chuckling here because I worked in an aluminum sand cast foundry for 40 yrs. During that time I ran a 14,000 lb. reverberation furnace for 13 of those yrs.. I did some crazy things; but cooking eggs was not one of them. If that egg got under the surface of the molten aluminum, it would blow up the furnace.

  2. I tried following the instructions of EB, the egg company on how to make hard cooked eggs. Put the eggs into a muffin pan and bake them for 30 minutes. The result was six impossible to shell really hard cooked eggs, tough as leather. So back to the way I’ve done them for 50 years: boil for ten minutes and let sit until cool enough to shell. No flame thrower.

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