Thursday, September 15, 2016

Child’s Play

Seriously, Ivanka?

My father has created a plan that is designed to bring relief and to provide working parents with options so that they can make the decisions that are in the best interests of their families. Safe, affordable, high quality child care should not be the luxury of a fortunate few. Historically this has not been an area that has received nearly as much attention in the policy world as it deserves. While there are systems in place for older children, hardly any intellectual energy has been devoted to addressing the needs of families with children from birth to 4 years old.

Then her father had the nerve to say that Hillary Clinton has “no child-care plan.”

Wrong.  Hillary Clinton put out a detailed plan over a year ago.  Not only that, Ms. Clinton has been working to help families provide for child care since she was the First Lady — in Arkansas.  That pre-dates Mr. Trump’s cobbledy-clop plan by at least Ms. Trump’s lifetime, and the Children’s Defense Fund has been around since 1973.

The Trump plan itself is a steaming pile of the usual GOP tax credit pablum and nostrums which make no sense when you know that the people who need to pay for child care the most don’t make enough money to file federal income tax forms to get the credits.

I know that Republicans love to talk about family values.  The problem is that all they do is talk.

One bark on “Child’s Play

  1. Ya know, the r’s LOVE the zygote, hate the child & (mothers). IOW, NO pro-Choice! No How, No Way!!!!!
    Ya want food stamps for your hungry child; health care; education; roof over their heads; CLEAN water……?? “NO, ‘We’ Can’t Go For That, NO, can do!” (Apology to Hall & Oates)

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