Monday, September 12, 2016

Sick Call

I hope Hillary Clinton gets over her pneumonia quickly.  I’d say the same to anyone, even Donald Trump.  No one wants anyone else to be sick.

Pneumonia used to be a serious illness and it still is for those with weakened respiratory systems, and people die from it.  But when it is treated properly with antibiotics it can be little more than an inconvenience, hence the term “walking pneumonia.”

Bronchitis is also a respiratory illness that can be serious as well, and a lot of people with weakened systems die from it.  But thanks to urban legend and memories of overprotective mothers who told us to “wear a jacket when it rains or you’ll catch pneumonia,” pneumonia is the one that has taken on a reputation as being the death knell.

The way some Chicken Littles in the media see it, though, Ms. Clinton’s health has become a “real issue” in the campaign and it’s time for her to release all her medical records.  Okay, and let’s have Donald Trump do the same along with his taxes just to be on the safe side.

5 barks and woofs on “Sick Call

  1. Here’s a example of the press at its worst. Prior to the “collapse” Clinton held a 2 hour National Security meeting, held a press conference and spent 90 minutes in the heat. True, she’s had walking pneumonia, a condition common to politicians on the run day and night. But somehow a WOMAN is too frail to hold up under pressure. I suspect we’re seeing concern for her as a proxy for anti-feminism. Phyllis would be proud.

  2. Hope she doesn’t contract a serious physical disability like polio, she’d NEVER become President. Oh, WAIT!!!!!!

    • Or have a heart attack, stroke, and bowel obstruction like Ike, choke on a pretzel, barf in the lap of the Japanese PM like the Bushes, undergo treatment for jaw cancer like Grover Cleveland, or have a debilitating stroke like Woodrow Wilson.

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